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Cost of Living Crisis

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

As the cost-of-living crisis continues with rising food and energy prices we look at what you can do to cope with soaring prices and what to do if you are in financial difficulties.

Lewes District Citizens Advice can provide help with income maximisation, budgeting and debt, food bank referrals and fuel and other vouchers. There is extra help available for pensioners.

Food bank referrals

A number of foodbanks & affordable food projects serve the Lewes District community. They can help with food if you have a short-term crisis due to a benefits delay or an unforeseen expense.

The foodbank can provide a balanced nutritional selection of tinned and dried food for up to 6 weeks depending on your circumstances.

Some foodbanks require a referral, which Lewes District Citizens Advice may be able to provide, others you can access directly.

Contact Lewes District Citizens Advice for tailored information about foodbank services available to you.

Foodbanks and community supermarkets
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Emergency Fuel Vouchers

You might be able to get a fuel voucher. This is a code given to you in a letter or in a text message or email. You can use it to add credit to your gas card or electricity key. To check your eligibility contact us.

Financial Support Packages

The government and Lewes District Council have announced a number of measures to ease the cost of living crisis.

Financial support schemes include:

• Lewes District Council Cost of Living Emergency Scheme will provide support to households on a low income but those not in receipt of means tested benefits.

• Discretionary Council Tax Rebate Scheme (Energy) may provide a £150 payment for those households in Council Tax Bands E to H on a means tested benefit or with a net weekly income under £257. This fund has a deadline of 30th November 2022.

• Help with energy bills. From October 1 2022, there’s a limit on gas and electricity unit prices for most households - the Energy Price Guarantee, which will be in place for 6 months.

• From October you’ll get £400 off your electricity bill through the Energy Bills Support Scheme. The money will be paid in six instalments and you will not be asked to provide any personal or bank account details to receive the payments. If you have a prepayment meter, your supplier will let you know how they will issue the discount.

It’s worth finding out if you’re eligible for any benefits or support with your energy and living costs. Benefit calculators can be found here

Make sure you know what money you’ve got coming in and out each month. Citizens Advice’s online budgeting tool budgeting tool can be found here

For tailored advice about your eligibility for financial support, contact us.

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