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New local Adviceline

In response to our volunteers' ambition to focus on serving our local community we have launched our new local Adviceline. Lines are open Tuesday - Thursday 10am - 2pm.

Out of hours you can contact us quickly and easily via our website and we have a limited voicemail service for those who struggle with digital channels available on 01273 007557. We do not yet have any capacity for drop-in enquiries to be dealt on the spot with but you can visit an office to submit a request for a call from an adviser. Opening times at our various office locations can be found here.

Demand for our service continues to far outstrip our capacity and we are balancing a long pre-existing list of clients with this new live phone advice system along with our pre-booked appointments with subject specialists. All while maintaining the high quality of advice synonymous with Citizens Advice in these challenging times which have seen the complexity of the cases we are dealing with increase significantly.

We hope this new channel will make reaching us easier and quicker.

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